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Recruitment - Postdoctoral Fellows


We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher to work on one of the following existing topics:

  • Verification of the crash recovery mechanism of storage systems
  • SMT over the theory of string or bit-vectors

Or form a new project on verification of quantum (cryptographic) programs/algorithms.

We expect applicants have a strong background in computer science or related fields and expertise in at least one of logic, algorithms, programming language theory/implementation, linear algebra, formal language theory, and formal verification.


The postdoc position is funded for 12 months, with possibility of renewal


Academia Sinica headquartered in Taipei is the national academy of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The working language is English. This is a pure research position with no teaching duty.


To apply, the applicant should send the following information to

  • Curriculum vitae (including your work experience, publications, and 3 references)
  • Cover letter indicating the research area of interest and your motivation
  • Research statement (max 1 page)
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